1. I’m a plot coordinator. How do I enter my planting and harvest information?

    Please contact the MCGA office at 952-233-0333 for more details.

  2. How do I run reports?
    1. Click ‘Reports’, located in the navigation at the top of your screen.
    2. Choose your report option by clicking either ‘Generate 2019 Corn Report’ or ‘Generate 2019 Soybean Report’.
    3. From the next page:
      1. Select either individual counties or ‘select all’ to compare all counties.
      2. OR click the county name to view, and then select, individual plots within a specific county.
    4. Click ‘Continue’ and your report will be generated automatically.

Having trouble?
For assistance or questions related to the MCGA Variety Plot program, please contact the MCGA office at 952-233-0333.