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  2. From the next page, select either individual counties or "all counties", or click the county name to select individual plots within a specific county to include in your personalized plot summary.
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Check out the features of the Variety Plot program!

The Variety Plot program has been updated to provide the following features and tools for individuals to use.

  • Select whole counties or individual plots within a county to include in reports
  • Compare multiple county plot reports on one screen
  • Map feature showing where the county/plot is located in Minnesota
  • We've added the Relative Maturity Dates for the Hybrids/Varieties
  • Printer friendly versions of reports
  • Faster report generation and improved (user friendly) interface


Corn harvest reports from cooperators will include “Return After Drying” information for the individual plots.

Drying costs are subtracted from gross return. Gross return will be the yield multiplied by a grain price that is updated annually. Drying costs will be subtracted from gross return when grain moisture at harvest is above 15%. Drying costs are assumed to be $0.45/point/bushel and a standard shrink value of 1.4 will be used. The assumed corn price is $3.25 per bushel.

About the Yield Index

While the actual yield number is important, the "index" is a better indicator of a hybrid's performance over a number of plots. An index of 100 means that the hybrid's average yield was equal to the average of the plots it was in. Higher index numbers indicate hybrids that consistently perform above average.

Also, please note the number of replications, or plot repetitions. More replications usually mean a more accurate index number.

Unbiased information is always at your fingertips.

The MCGA, through our affiliated county corn and soybean growers associations, offers one of the few independent, farmer-managed plot systems in the country. County plot cooperators organize and manage the plots, and collect the data that goes into our MCGA summaries.

Information on Technology Traits

The plot reports include all herbicide and insect resistance traits currently known to the Minnesota Corn Growers.

The letter codes which follow the hybrid names relate to the traits listed below. Be sure to consult your seed supplier or seed label when choosing corn and soybean herbicides.

3000GT - Agrisure GT + Agrisure CB/LL + Agrisure RW + Glyphosate/Glufosinate tolerance
3010 - Agrisure GT + Agrisure CB/LL + Glyphosate/Glufosinate tolerance
3011A - Agrisure Artesianâ„¢
3110 - Agrisure GT + Agrisure CB/LL + Agrisure Viptera + Glyphosate/Glufosinate tolerance
3111 - Agrisure GT + Agrisure CB/LL + Agrisure RW + Agrisure Viptera + Glyphosate/Glufosinate tolerance
3122A - Agrisure GT + Agrisure CB/LL + Agrisure RW + Herculex Xtra + Agrisure Artesianâ„¢
3220 - Agrisure GT + Agrisure CB/LL + Agrisure Viptera+ HerculexI + Glyphosate/Glufosinate tolerance
5122 - Agrisure GT + Agrisure CB/LL + Agrisure RW + Agrisure Duracade + HerculexI + Glyphosate/Glufosinate tolerance
AM1 - contains Optimum AcreMax 1 Insect Protection System with an integrated corn rootworm refuge solution
AMX - contains Optimum® AcreMax® Xtra
AMXT - contains multiple modes of action for above- and below-ground insect protection and herbicide tolerance including Agrisure® RW Herculex® XTRA, and YieldGard® Corn Borer insect protection. Also satisfies all your above- and below-ground refuge requirements with a single product in the Corn Belt and Canada
BL - broad lepidopteran control
CB - Corn borer resistance
CONV - conventional
DG - contains drought-tolerant biotechnology trait for corn and designed to help corn plants resist drought stress and minimize the risk associated with the weather
E-Z Refugeâ„¢ - integrated, single-bag refuge products which contain 95 percent seed of a corn hybrid containing the trait stack and 5 percent seed of a hybrid without insect control traits
GENSS - contains the Genuity VT Triple PRO and Herculex XTRA traits to control root, stalk and ear-feeding insects, plus RR2 and LL tolerance for weed protection
GT - contains the Agrisure GT gene for tolerance to Glyphosate herbicide
HXT - contains the Herculex Xtra Insect trait for European corn borer, corn rootworm, black cutworm, western bean cutworm and fall armyworm
LL - contains the LibertyLink gene for resistance to Liberty (glufosinate) herbicide
RA - Refuge Advanced® ensures refuge compliance in the Corn Belt with a blend of 95 percent SmartStax seeds and 5 percent non-insect-traited refuge seeds in one bag
RIB - Refuge In a Bag, contains a mix of 95% Bt-traited seed and 5% refuge seed right in the bag
RR - contains the Roundup Ready gene for tolerance to Roundup herbicide
RR2 - contains the Roundup Ready Corn 2 trait that provides crop safety for over-the-top applicationsof labeled glyphosate herbicides when applied according to the label directions
RSS - Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete® corn blend
RW or CRW - Corn rootworm resistant
SSTX - contains the Genuity VT Triple Pro traits, Herculex Xtra traits, LibertyLink gene and the Roundup Ready Corn trait traits, that provides resistance to corn borers, rootworms, tolerance to glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides and resistance to Ignite herbicide
SSTX-RIB - Contains either the SmartStax RIB Complete technology or the REFUGE ADVANCED powered by SmartStax technology
VT3 - contains the YieldGard VT Triple traits for insect and weed protection
VT3P - contains the YieldGard VT Triple and Genuity traits to provide dual modes-of-action against above-ground pests and is stacked with below-ground insect protection
VT2P - Genuity VT Double Pro, contains the Genuity VT Pro genes and the Roundup Ready Corn 2 trait, provides resistance to corn borers and tolerance to glyphosate herbicides

Thanks to Our Dedicated Plot Coordinators

We'd like to thank participating county plot cooperators for all the work they put into ensuring complete and accurate plot information. Without their support and cooperation this project would not be possible.

All information relating to hybrid names and traits was provided by cooperating county grower organizations. Seed representatives and plot chairs should contact the MCGA to report new information regarding technology traits. The MCGA and MCR&PC assume no liability for the accuracy of this information.

Want to know more?

If you have questions about the MCGA Variety Plot program, click here to send an e-mail or call the MCGA office at 952-233-0333.